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We understand affordability is a major factor in wedding planning. We strive to be the most competitive in the market.

Custom Design

All of our products are customisable and your own custom design is included with every order.

Your First Keepsake

Create your first keepsake with A Whimsical Box. Make your first impression last with an invitation that will bring joy to your guests.

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First impressions last a lifetime

At A Whimsical Box, our aim is to provide wedding stationery, specialising in the timeless art form of letterpress in order to celebrate and announce the start of a life long journey with your loved one. We thrive to offer the most affordable letterpress invitations designed with love and elegance.

Stationery will be the first experience that your invited guests would see when announcing such a joyous occasion. It will be their first glimpse into the theme of your wedding and also the first impression they will experience as you honour them with an invitation to celebrate the love and commitment between you and your partner.

Keepsakes are born

We believe that first impressions count and the reason why we have chosen to specialise in affordable letterpress invitations is because of the elegant impression it leaves behind. Not only are you overjoyed at an announcement that will surely have you leaping for joy but you can also feel the impressions of the lettering of every word the couple has chosen by feeling the paper.

Letterpress is all about character and finding perfections in the imperfections. No two cotton papers are the same, no two indentations are the same and no two colours are the same. Letterpress is already making your wedding day unique and your guests will experience this when they run their fingers along the beautiful cotton paper and the deep indentations and impressions of the print.

Perfections are found in imperfections

We wanted to create stationery that would last a lifetime, that would leave a long lasting memory and stationery that can become a keepsake that your children and your children’s children can enjoy.

At A Whimsical Box, we wanted to create stationery that would indeed last and one you can live your memories through. In order to do this, the technique of letterpress has been revived from the fifteenth century so that we can bring this to life and so that you can share this experience of your wedding day through the first impressions and the keepsakes you decide to cherish. Our aim is that one of those keepsakes would be your wedding stationery.

Inspiration made for you

We understand how stressful planning a wedding could be. To help, we have created a website that will host a collection of wedding tips, inspiration, trends and supplies to hep you plan your big day. Our aim is to become an essential resource when planning a wedding where you can find even the smallest bit of help you may need.

We will endeavour to continually update our site as often as we can and feature only read weddings from real couples and hope to inspire to make your dream day as perfect as it can be and to remind you that you can find perfection in imperfections.

Stay tuned for exciting new things to come on our site including giveaway, free downloadable content and wedding stationery (to name a few) and we hope this would be the start of a great relationship.



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We understand all jobs are unique and that’s what we love about our job!

We want to create the best experience for your occasion.

Please send an email to alternatively, you can complete the contact form.

We will endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours of receiving the message. Hope to hear from you soon.